Anyone Can Advertise Effectively Using Google AdWords

Search engine advertising has really evolved over the years. Back in the day..(not really that long ago) AOL was king and all search roads lead to them. Today, this is not the case. While AOL is still around they capture just a small percentage of the search marketing advertising audience today. As of this writing, Google, Yahoo & and Bing (MSN) in that order, capture most of the search engine traffic to be had today. Turns out AOL once the giant in the industry gets most of its search results from Google by way of their partnership. Businesses large and small as well as individuals take advantage of the huge audience captured by Google and their partners. These folks know that PPC or Pay Per Click is a really great way to bring folks to their websites and that the cost of doing business with Google AdWords really does let them realize a great return on investment.

Google AdWords Tips: As the time of this writing, A Google AdWords Specialist will help you assemble you first Google AdWords Campaign for free. Hurry who know how long this will last!

Whether you’re an individual or a business large or small you can benefit by using Google AdWords. It doesn’t take a whole lot of study to get a basic campaign up and running. Google has tons of tutorials and videos to get you started. If you search the web you will also find many tricks and Google AdWords Tips that will save you time and money. AdWords is awesome because you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad you get impressions which are ad-views that you get for free. So every time someone sees your ad you get what’s called free branding. Anyone can advertise on Google… and why they wouldn’t? Google gets from 60-75% of the search traffic world wide as of this writing. There are several ways to get your ads seen. You can set you ads to show only on the search results pages…or SERPs. You can also set your ads up on the display network..formerly the content network. On the display network your ads will show on web sites that have partnered with Google to show their ads through a program called Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the text or display ads that you often see on sites with a little tag that identifies them as “Sponsored Links” or “Advertisement”. You can let Google pick the sites you ad will show on by matching the site content, your keywords or the search term the searcher has typed in. You can also designate the websites you want to have your ad display on. This is called placement targeting. Placement ads show on the sites you choose via by keyword phrase, topic or URL. Placement sites also partner with Google and use Google AdSense where the site owners get a portion of the click revenue.

Google AdWords Tips: Remember, you usually only pay one penny over what the next guy is willing to bid. Once you know that amount you can use that as a benchmark to bid just what gets you to the page position you desire.