Why Small Businesses Need An Accountant

Unless you own a small business that does accounting, business accounting is probably not your expertise.  Finding accountants in Florida shouldn’t be too difficult and if you find a good one he should find more savings for you then they cost.  That’s right, an accountant who gives you something other than a bill.

An accountant who is talented with taxes may find for you tax savings in unlikely places.  Perhaps through different depreciation schedules, taking advantage of different government incentive programs, or even changing your fiscal year may make a difference at tax time.  There is no way you can figure all the details out on your own unless you did it full time and you have a business to run.

An accountant who is gifted in business analysis may be able to provide you with custom reporting that helps you forecast growth, cash flow, and recognize bad trends like growing accounts receivable.  These insights will help you make better hiring, firing, lending, and repayment decisions.  Great companies have died because they ran short on cash for a few months.

Another thing an accountant can be great for is helping you get funding.  You speak a language that your customers understand and that’s why you are getting the business.  Unfortunately, banks speak a completely foreign language.  An accountant can help you bridge that gap opening your business up to more affordable lending and cash transaction solutions.  This gap is very difficult to overcome on your own because they don’t have time to decipher your intent just like you don’t have time to learn to be a banker.

If you’ve been winging it with your small business I recommend that you hire a firm with reputable Miami accountants.  It’s not just another bill.  It really is an investment in your business that you will see a return from.