How To Organize An Office

Many offices mandate that you store all official documents for a minimum period of 10 years. With the speed at which projects run and the time and cross – referencing that needs to be done, there is little doubt ini my mind that life as a receptionist or a file clerk has to be something of a tough job. WIth the recession and the economy in the state that it is, it has become increasingly tough to hire good people to run and manage filing systems. Many companies are cutting back on secretaries and fling clerks and replacing them with no-paper policies.

While this may be fine in theory and it does work quite well for all kinds of paperless communication with companies having email, instant messengers and BlackBerry chat which makes interoffice communication painless. However, this doesn’t stop all the official documents coming in through physical channels. Paper is here and it is going to stay and with the absence of people whose job descriptions suggest that they need to manage them in one form or the other, they need to figure out how they are going to mange it by themselves.

Enter plastic storage boxes. These amazing tools are the staple of paper filing clerks all over the world. These and plastic storage baskets of course along with small baskets. Put them together and you get one very potent combination for when it comes to handling documents and paper of any kind. This along with simple paper managing solutions like the three box system (inbox, outbox and sent) is all that you need to know to manage all the paper coming your way. If you have to store official documents, I’d suggest that you get a folder for every project and then name and sort them alphabet wise. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to out the date of the project on the lapel either.