Business Card Design – Top Tips

In a world where it’s hard to prospect for new clients, the old-fashioned way of both presenting yourself to potential clients as well as providing them with the information to contact and find your products or services by utilizing business cards, is still alive and well, even in this day and age of high technology.  There are, however, 5 major things about how to make the most of using these calling cards for your business..

Choosing the Best Place to Purchase Cards

While you can purchase business cards easily enough at either a printing shop or office supply location within the vicinity of your home, one of the easiest and most convenient ways to purchase them is right here on the internet. With many companies having web presences, they can offer you some really deep and even outrageous-sounding discounts, not to mention discounted or free shipping, depending on the amount of your order. You can normally choose from a variety of styles and themes, too.

Choosing Your Professional Theme and Style

The professional style and theme of your business cards should have a few components. First of all, your personal style should be included. Whether or not you are a lively, “festive” type of person or more conservative by nature, your care should not only present your business, but represent you, too.  Your card branding should reflect your industry as well – for example, construction business cards may be better off in a more traditional format, or at least choose colors that are reassuring and give the impression of quality and strength. Colors are important: the bolder and brighter, the more your cards will stand out from others. Using gold and silver, even as linings or in your company’s name, are very striking and call them to attention.  As for style, that’s also something that much be very close to the person you are. Whether the font you have on your card is Times New Roman, Ariel, or another kind, you should derive much pleasure from both what your cards look like, and how others can admire them, too.

The Importance of Relevant Information

Keeping to relevant information, specifically with regard to business cards, is important. You neither want to overcrowd the cards with as much information as is humanly possible. Normally this includes your businesses name; your name and title; your personal contact telephone numbers; the address and location of your business, and either directions to it or a map, or both. This is really standard, and for an extra price you can include the directions/map on the back side. This should be more than enough, but you can also include a motto, such as “The Best Seafood Distributor in the U.S.!”, for example.

The Correct Number of Cards to Order

If you are a seasoned professional and have given many business cards out before, than you know that the more cards you order, the better price you will get. If you are newer, however, it might be good to be as conservative as possible, unless you feel you can and will distribute quite a bit of cards, soon. It’ just a matter of personal choice, really.

The Proper Way To Utilize Cards

Obviously, passing out business cards is one of the number-one ways to present your business to people. However, with regard to specifically organizations in your area, it is quite normal to send out “presentation packages”, if not a letter of introduction, to potential clients, while additionally including your business card in such a package.  The idea is to both get the information to a potential client, then following up with a telephone call to them, additionally.

If you follow the above suggestions, you will possess at least a good amount of knowledge that will assist you in properly utilizing well-presented business cards for both you and the company that you own or work for.