Why Your Small Business Needs A Mailing List

So, you’ve just started up your new business. It’s a busy time, you’ve got your hands full with work, new things to think about all the time, and are struggling to fit in both time for customers and build up the business. So now isn’t a good time so set up a company mailing list right? WRONG! Now is the perfect time to set up a mailing list that your customers can subscribe to. Why is this? Because it’ll save you a load of time and build up a relationship with customers on autopilot. Let me explain…

Most mailing list software comes with autoresponders. These autoresponders allow you to send messages to subscribers as a pre-specified occurrence happens. For example, a message may be sent when someone has been subscribed to you for a week, or when it’s their birthday. But how can this help save you time?

Well, it allows you to communicate with new customers without having to message everyone individually. All you do is write up a bunch of message, put them into your autoresponder, and schedule them to send on say a weekly basis. Now when a new customer signs up to your mailing list they’re sent your first news letter in week one, then second in week two and so on. Now let’s say another customer signs up a month later, the first email that subscriber will get with still be your first email, and in the second week they’ll get the second one. That means no matter when your new customer subscribes, they still get information relevant to them.

You could use this to provide an instruction course for customers buying one of your products, or for revealing a bit more about your company or advice over a period of time. And the best part of it? You only ever have to write this content once and it’ll work for you forever! So if you think you’re too busy and want to automate customer relationship building, take the time to add one more thing to your schedule and set up a mailing list. It’ll benefit you in the long term.