SEO is All About Building Quality Links

Search engine crawlers love links; but some links are more valuable than others.  Building quality links to your website is an important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO).  A mutual link, or a link exchange, doesn’t carry as much weight as a one-way link; a one-way link is like an endorsement from a site owner for your website.  For example, aren’t you more likely to try a restaurant a trusted friend suggests than you would be if you saw an ad for it?

Article syndication is one way to develop links; a site owner writes articles or has articles written that appeal to a particular audience, he or she then offers these articles to other sites at no charge in exchange for a link back to the source.  Websites are always looking for fresh content and will exhibit your article and provide a link back to your site.  There are many sites that articles can be syndicated through, Go Articles and Ezine Articles, are two well-known sites.  These sites allow the author to include a link back to the author’s site in the body of the page, since the link occurs in the body of the article it appears to be more important and therefore, creates more traffic to your website.

Hosted web content is a method of building links where the author pays a website to present your article; links are embedded in the body of the article instead of at the end.  The link is surrounded by your keywords and content useful to the reader; search engines consider this the most valuable type of link.  In a nutshell, hosted content is renting space on another site; the site receives payment from the author and fresh content; the author gets a respected link and website visitors get some beneficial content.

As mentioned earlier, quality links improve search engine result rankings; and unique, original and useful content is the way to get theses quality links.  You can start your own hosted content operation simply by providing free advertising for an author, delivering more original content to search engines, providing fresh content to a hosting site and delivering useful, germane information to readers.