Top 5 Part-Time Business Ideas If You Have No Start-up Money

Have you ever dreamed about running your own part-time business while still keeping your day job? Or want to operate a sideline business in addition to your current business? Or are you just curious and have an entrepreneurial itch that you just can’t scratch?

Most people would like to learn how to start a business with no money because they are scared of the risk involved when investing cash up front. No matter what your reason, here are my top 5 sure-fire ways to get started today on your very own part-time business.

1. Garage/ Attic Cleaning – No one likes spending a beautiful weekend indoors cleaning out the garage, attic or shed – and why would they? It’s time consuming, dirty and when it’s all done you still have to haul away the junk. So more and more homeowners are opting to hire someone else to do the dirty work. This requires no money to start-up, just a few tools and a pair of hands, but you will need to hire a junk removal service which can be rolled over in the final price for the customer.

2. Handyman – If it’s broke, sometimes you can fix it and sometimes you need the help of a professional. So why not call your local handyman? Starting a handyman business is great way to earn cash by fixing things that others can’t or don’t want to fix. The cost of this business start-up is low outside of advertising.

3. Computer Consultant – Are you a computer wiz?Well this this may be the perfect option for you. From teaching clients how to make a website to training them on new software, the options are endless. Everyone need help using the computer every now and then, so starting a consulting business offers you a chance to earn money while teaching others your tricks of the trade.

4. Office/Home Organizer – Help hoarders, packrats and overworked executives organize heir homes and their lives. You can help them straighten files , clean out messy closets, junk drawers and throw away excess clutter. If you are tidy and enjoy cleaning and organizing this business is for you.

5. Personal Trainer – People of all ages are interested in staying fit and are willing to hire their own personal trainer to help them achieve their goals. The best way to advertise a personal training business is through word of mouth of successful clients.

All in all, there are literally hundreds of business that can be started with little no money. It’s just up to you to find a business which interests you enough to get started.