A Powerful Offline Marketing Weapon To Have

Today there is almost too much focus on online marketing. So much that it seems a lot of companies and businessmen are forgetting about the small offline touches that can help boost your business or brand.

Probably the most important offline marketing tool to have is the business card. A lot of people underestimate its power so much that it surprises me. I even meet people who claim they don’t bother to print business cards anymore. Well I firmly believe by doing that you are potentially leaving money on the table or even losing money.

If I go to a conference or I am in a place to network with people in the same industry you often meet so many people and exchange so many numbers that you cant even remember who is who by the end of the night.

Those who have simply given me their number and or email and I have put it into my blackberry are the ones I have completely forgotten. I will look through my phone the next day and see plenty of names and numbers I don’t even recall. The ones I do recall and remember clearly are the ones who gave me their business cards!

I’m not a psychological expert but I do think having a visual and tangible representation of that person make you remember them even more. Once you remember someone you are more likely to do business with them or even to recommend them to someone else.

Therefore I would say the business card is the most important offline marketing weapon you could have. You wont realise how much extra bits of work you might get simply by giving your card to the right person. Do not underestimate its power!

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