Marketing a Commercial Vehicle Online

Know Your Market

When selling your commercial vehicle you will first need to know the type of people who would be potential buyers. Some may to use the truck for a construction business or hauling jobs, while others may need it for regular towing purposes or long haul shipments. With rising gas prices, there may still be people who have the funds to afford a large vehicle that gets good gas mileage.

Who Knows You’re Out There?

The next step is advertising. You must have a method of finding the people who are looking for a vehicle like yours. There are several options when it comes to making yourself visible to the truck-buying public. One way is to list your semi truck or tractor trailer on the internet. This is a great way to sell since most dealerships are not taking large vehicles as trades. This is advantageous to you because you could lose a lot of money by trading in your truck at a price that’s not worthwhile.

What Does It Look Like?

The first thing that most buyers of any vehicle is looking for are pictures. It is recommended to take pictures of many different views of your truck. People like to see that the exterior condition is good or fair at the very least. However, you should make their first impression the best impression. Before taking a picture of your interior be sure that it is clean. Remove any spots from the carpeting, trash, personal items or other debris. Your potential buyers will want to see a well-kept vehicle. They may allow for a little dirt, depending on the purpose of your usage.

Emphasizing Features

When initially describing your truck, there are certain details that you need to specify. Make mention of the mileage, engine size, tire size, and the trailer length and width. Describe some of the unique features that first led you to purchasing this vehicle. By making your vehicle stand out among the others, you will give it the best chance at being noticed.

Offline Methods

Your local magazine or newspaper is another method of advertising. Placing a free ad in the newspaper can attract some good local responses. Posting flyers is another low cost marketing method. Placing flyers strategically at your neighborhood grocer, carwash or anywhere a board is available for posting. Don’t get lazy about your marketing. Keep asking yourself, ‘How can I sell my truck faster?’ And then go out and do it.

Research Your Online Listing Resources

Listing your truck for sale has been made extremely simple by many online resources. Register your truck at by creating an account and placing an ad. There you can place as many ads as you want. is a safe and fast way of selling your vehicle for some quick cash. The verification process is simple and can be completed in one business day by requesting a free offer. is a popular, yet valuable online listing resource. By listing your truck here, you become exposed to millions of potential buyers.