Cheap Commercial Buildings Insurance You Can Actually Use

How do you get cheap commercial buildings insurance – and still protect the asset which is your physical location and facility? I mean – what good is it to insure against fire, if it only covers, let us say – damage to the roof, and not to the rest of the building? A policy like that would be completely useless of course, so do not even consider risking something like that (no “real” commercial insurance policies look like that, by the way). What you should do, is look at your business and the building it operates from with a critical eye. Give it a good x-ray look, and try to discover what is, and could potentially be – a risk to your business.

There are pretty much only two categories of risk here – internal and external. External risk is easy enough. This would be risk of theft or vandalism, risk of weather-related damage or other types of natural disasters (or nuisances). Attacks by pests and insects would be included here as well. The best you can do here, is to insure that your building is in shape to deal with effects of heavy weather, that it is not easily run over by rats and such, and that you have not by accident or bad judgement chosen a location which is simply dangerous for some reason or other. In severe cases, you may even consider moving your entire operation.

Internal risk is something which perhaps is less obvious to some people. First and foremost, you need to ask yourself if the way you are using the building could be a problem in any way. Did you place heavy machinery on feeble old wooden floors? Or does your production use large amounts of water in a facility which is inadequately drained or ventilated? Is there a high risk of fire with what you do? If yes, do you have the right kind of protection in case something goes wrong? Running a welding business without fire extinguishers or perhaps even sprinklers would not be popular with any commercial insurance company.

Common sense is the key here, but so is careful scrutiny of what you do, where you do it – and how you do it. The devil could be in the detail you least suspect.