Don’t Spend On Marketing Until You READ THIS!

Marketing is the crux of business.  It is so important that it may be the only thing that is needed to help a company survive in this economy.  One of the best ways to market is by hiding your advertisement in and article instead of displaying it in a graphic.  Press releses, editorials, articles, web content, are all ways to hide your promotion inside a piece of information that helps to inform the consumer.  These peices are considered more valuable than an ad.  Also another great reason is text items are cheaper to produce than advertisements with bold graphics or special symbols.  If you need help creating an advertisement in this format then look to ad-like editorials that have been running for a long time in any major magazine.  Make sure you write the text in third person.  Make sure the headline catches the readers attention.

Another tips that’s kinda related.  If you are making any offer in your article advertisement then offer the second purchase at a steep discount.  Why?  Because you have essentially doubled the pull of your marketing efforts at zero increase in cost.  So if you offer let’s say sandwiches for $10 and the customer brings a friend.  The friend gets his sandwich for half price.  You have just turned a $10 order into $15 and cost for the original customer to bring in their friend costs you nothing!  Now that’s smart business.  Remember you didn’t lose $5 dollars from a $20 order you actually gained $5 on a $10 dollar order!  This is only a small fraction of what can be done if you change your perspective just a little.  This is not some hokey mumbo jumbo.  This is what real business is about.  Getting that extra $5 dollars here and there, it adds up quick!  I hope this helped, read more at my website on Free Money.