Money Making Websites… How To Stand Out From The Crowd

When people first look at making money online, the first work from home ideas they usually find are affiliate programs or network marketing programs that provide websites for them. These are cookie cutter websites that usually cannot be changed much outside of possibly editing a personal profile, if that. So basically everyone in the program gets the same website.

While this makes it easy to get started, there are a couple of problems with this approach.

1. The likelihood that Google or other search engines will display your website in their search results for appropriate keywords is essentially zero because it is the same as everyone else’s. Imagine if someone searched for a brand of vitamins and the search results they got in Google were 5000 copies of the same page, differing only by an affiliate ID in the URL. Search algorithms are specifically designed to prevent this to avoid unhappy search customers!

2. You are competing with hundreds or thousands of people with the exact same website and exact same offers, with nothing to differentiate you. You don’t stand out from the crowd. Why should someone buy from your website instead of someone else’s?

Does that mean it is impossible to successfully make money online with affiliate or network marketing work from home ideas? No, that it is not what it means. If you look around at the most successful people in any of these programs, you will see that their best money making websites are not the ones provided by the company.

They may have created their own review website in which they review the company and some of its products. Or they may have created a web page where they offer an extra bonus for anyone purchasing through them. Or perhaps they created a free report about the company’s products and set up a “squeeze page” (a page designed to “squeeze” someone into giving their name and email address) to generate leads. Maybe they have created a Squidoo site to promote their business, or put up related articles on HubPages.

Methods like these put you in control. You are more likely to get indexed by Google because you can effectively optimize your money making website. You can promote your sub-brand within the company’s brand more effectively, and you give people a reason to do business with you rather than a company clone. This is how to make your money making website stand out from the crowd.