Custom Logo Water Bottles

Custom logo water bottles are a great way of advertising your organization. Though they are more frequently used by fitness and health organizations, any company can use them for their advertising needs. You can add your company logo or name to the bottles. They cost almost the same as that of plain bottles and can help advertise your organization’s offer.

The items are used in big competitions, such as marathons and other events where large quantity of fluids are consumed and is great way of advertising the corporate sponsors. The participants and spectators will see the name again and again, thus providing more exposure. Another benefit of this type of advertising is that the participants can take it home and can use it again thus providing even more exposure.

For the health organizations, this method of advertising is a way of promoting good health by asking people to drink more water. This is a better way of staying hydrated than drinking cans of other soft drinks or cool drinks. This will encourage the younger generation to make a healthier choice in their diet as well. Most people don’t know you can even be drinking water to lose weight.

You can use your company or custom logo water bottles to encourage people to choose environment friendly options in their nutrition. The bottle is reusable and can be just washed after every refill and can be used again. The usage of cans, paper and glass are avoided thus environmental pollution is reduced.

These products are available in various options as well different price ranges. An ordinary plastic bottle with white and black text can be purchased even for less than $1 each. A stainless steel or aluminium version will cost you $3 dollar a piece. They can be used for special events or as a gift for the athletes and participants. Having a variety of products provide additional profit to the organization, as more people are willing to pay even $10 or more for such products.