Time Is Always Against Us in Business…

Time should be our friend, but often times it is something that we fear and worry about.  If you are not careful with your time, it can easily be squandered away during the day when you should be working on something productive.

Today, I looked at the clock and realized that six hours of my day had gone by and I had not really accomplished anything measurable with my business.  That realizations is exceptionally scary to me.  And I would imagine that it is scary to others too.

How do we manage our time?  I’m not sure that there is any great way to do it, other than to constantly remind ourselves that time is short.  Try not to get lulled into the idea that you have plenty of time or that it is ok to be leisurely.  At least, not when you should be working that is.

In our minds, we have to recognize the pain of losing time and equivocate it with smelling really bad breath from someone who never took time to read an oramd review. Another possibility is to equate it with tonsil stone removal.  That actually isn’t so bad, but it sure sounds bad when you done know anything about it, doesn’t it?

Certainly, there is a time for play, but there is also a time for work.  Of the two, you have to give work a priority because without work, there is no support for play time!

I suppose that we really need to watch out for the other extreme too.  It is not healthy to work 24X7 for extended periods of time.  However, that is what many people do.  Some of us need to at various periods of our lives and that is understandable. But, we cannot do it all of the time.

With all the difficulties in life, which make things hard enough many times, we also need to be ever mindful of our time.  If not, the whole day will slip by without us making any forward progress whatsoever.  Therefore, we must always be on our guard in regards to the time.