The list of best Christmas toys for 2010

If you have no clue or ideas on what are considered the top christmas toys for 2010, the recommendations given below is a very useful guide for your reference.  The toys selected are tied to their fun factor and their longevity. The bulk of the current toys in the market has limited appeal which can cause kids to abandon them after a short play. We have faith that the list here can hold the attention of your kids for lengthy period of time.

Our first recommendation is the silly banz animal rubber bands that is receiving a lot of attention. Children from all over US are buying them in bulk. These are accessories that children can wear around their hand and they come in all kinds of patterns and prices. Among these, you will find interesting choices such as animal bracelets.

Another toys that is getting attention is the Bakugan Gundalian Invaders. If you have seen Pokemon on TV then you know how Bakugan works as they are almost identical i.e. children will raise virtual animals called Bakugan and nurture these pets into fighting warriors. There is also a combat system where creatures can combat each other that can be made more fun by using weapons and other accessories. Through this continual process of raising the pets and battling, children can be kept engaged for long periods of time.

You can also select toys that can educate children such as the insect lore garden butterfly set. Instead than calling this a toy, it is more like a natural habitat where children can learn how butterflies are evolved from caterpillars. By buying this toy, you can let your kids learn more about nature and insects. An additional benefit about this toy is that parents do not need to do any cleaning up after the child has finished his or her play time.