Importance Of Career Management

A stable lifestyle, financial well-being and personal contentment are among important issues that any ambitious person will always endeavor to pursue and achieve. Whether you are a senior manager is a big company or a casual laborer, these expectations are worth pursuing. All these priorities have to be carefully planned, one by one until it all comes together. And this is what career management encompasses.

Career management is the progressive setting of a given career expectations to achieve specific objectives. These set target are set with the intention of later translating to expectations mentioned — finally, a great life.

The process starts with visualizing the “big picture”. The most important questions are asked at this stage like:-

  • What to be achieved in ……..number of years
  • How is the life been visualized in ……..number of years

These questions may seem simple, but answering them precisely and narrowing it down to specifics for instance:-

  • The sort of home you want to have (the style, color and amenities in it), the precise vision of the firm you would like to be in (office, staff performance.

These are the kind of specific situations that should be defined.

Then the expectations should be sub-divided into segments and little steps should be followed to achieve them. The steps should be of short, intermediate and long term nature. Ideally, the goals should be divided into 1 – 2 years so as to easily monitor progress.

Then goals should be further sub-divided into specific practices, activities and policies that are needed to achieve them. Strategy should also be formulated while setting up the steps, and at this point one becomes aware of prevailing circumstances and what need to be addressed.

In conclusion, monitoring and evaluation procedures should be put in place with specific time lines being seriously analyzed and considered.

After all is laid down, implementation is the final step. This is where many fail since they may lack the drive and they may use all sorts of excuses why they may not be able to achieve the laid down goals. If only people would even try to implement and deal with the challenges that are emerging and address them, they will in many instances succeed.