How Many Worms Are in a Pound and Other Fun Facts

Raising worms can be a very profitable agricultural activity that you can engage in. They can produce excellent compost that can benefit all types of garden plants. Aside from that they can also be an environment friendly way of getting rid of the waste that you produce at home. That’s because they can consume most organic waste. The great thing about worm raising is that unlike other agricultural activities you do not need a lot of space for it. In fact you can do it even if you don’t have yard! You can just keep the vessel that is going to hold the worms in a cool spot in your house. Once you have started it is going to take little trouble to keep it going. You just have to remember to water the little worms from time to time. If you want to start out with your own worm raising project then here are some simple worm facts that you might find interesting and amusing at the same time:

How Many Worms Are in a Pound- When you deal with worms you are going to find out that they are measured in pounds. So how many worms are there in a pound? After all there is a mixture of compost, soil and other organic materials there. The answer depends on the kind of worms that you are dealing with. Some varieties are larger than others. The European Night Crawlers for example is a large worm variety. There are 400-500 of these worms to a pound. They are dwarfed however when compared with the African Night Crawlers of which there are 100 to 150 to a pound.

How Worms Help Plants– We all hear about the benefits that plants can get from worms but have you heard about how they can directly help the plants? When they dig under the ground they help to loosen the soil which allows the plants to get air directly.

They Eat Anything
– Now the reason why worms are very great producers of compost is because that can and will eat almost anything that was once alive. That means that they can consume all of your organic waste. No wonder they are a favorite of environmentalists all over the world. They help them in protecting the environment.

Worms Are Hermaphrodite-
The most curious thing about worms is about their reproductive organs. They are neither male nor female or perhaps it is more correct to say that they are both. Once the mating season begins they can just hook with the worm that is nearest them and start mating. That is why it is not surprising why worms can reproduce so quickly.

Worms Are Different
– It goes without saying I guess that worms are quite different from other animals. They can not hear or see. They mostly rely on the sense of touch and another curious thing about them is that they have several p[air of hearts!

Those are just some of the curious things about worms. I know that is not going to be enough for you to love them but they are really cool creatures.