Customer Service Phone Skills

Customers are the backbone of every successful business.  The skill sets that help to retain customer and ensure one time customers come back again for more are called customers service skills.  These skills can be divided into two broad categories.  The first one is how well an employee can do his or her job of computing in a technical capacity.  How well an employee knows the software needed to find bugs and fix problems is part of this skill set.

The other is how well an employee interacts with the customer.  Does the customer service rep smile, laugh, and joke with customers, making them feel comfortable and at ease?  How well does the employee handle angry customers?  How well does the employee communicate problems and explain how to fix them to the customers?  These questions will tell you whether an employee has good customer service interpersonal skills.  Both skill sets are important in ensuring repeat sales.

The power of the telephone

Customer service phone skills are some of the most important technical skills you can learn.  Since most of the customer service and marketing many companies use is over the telephone, it’s good to know how to work on the phone with customers.  There are two sides to working on the phone.  First, it is good to know how to use the various features as well as how to juggle between multiple phone calls at the same time.  This can be categorized as technical multitasking skills. The other is simple phone etiquette.   Not many people realize that because the impact of body language is gone when conversing over the phone, you have to learn how to express yourself without it.  This skill set can be categorized under communication and interpersonal skills.  Both of these skill sets are important in phone communication in phone guerilla marketing techniques as well as customer service.