Document Translation Services

Document translation services are an essential aspect to any business that needs to conduct business in a foreign language. While the language of business is often English, many countries require legal documentation to be completed in the home country’s native language. In addition, the same country may have several official languages, so the documents may need to be translated into those languages to ensure that all parties understand them.

Document translation services offer to translate documents into the required target languages. These services promise to translate the meaning of the document. This is different from translating the words themselves, of course. Where there are spelling errors and mistakes, a trained translator will query them to ensure the meaning is not lost. The translator will also edit and prepare the document so that it makes sense.

Other document translation services may include advertising and product advice. The Opel Nova, a popular European car, had to be renamed for the Spanish market—nova literally means “won’t go.” The car was renamed the Corsa—a name that is still in use in Europe today. This apocryphal story is also told about the Chevy Nova, an unrelated American car.

However, all vehicles have parent companies that needed warranties and legal documentation translated and prepared in the target countries’ languages. In Europe this could be German, English, French, Croatian, Russian, and so on. Document translation services have frequently been used to accomplish this task.

Document translation services perform a much-needed function for numerous businesses. While some large multinational corporation have their own in-house translation teams, smaller businesses require companies that specialize in document translation services. These companies often have online presences that enable them to offer document translation services to a wide variety of companies. It is often said that translators work best translating into their own language. As a result you can employ native speakers who understand the intricacies of their mother tongues from the comfort of your own office.

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