15 Decorating Tips for Weirdly Placed Windows

Where is a window when you need one? Always in the wrong spot! If you’ve got one or more windows that seem to pull the whole room off balance because of their placement, there are options.

One Window in a Corner

It’s amazing how many older homes have rooms with a single window jammed up in a corner. The frame usually touches or nearly touches the adjoining wall. Here are a few quick fixes for a corner window.

1. Create a mini office with a desk directly under the window. This way, the window appears to visually belong with the corner office. The asymmetry becomes justified because of the specialized area.

2. Make a special place for your plants in the space. Use hanging baskets, window sill pots, a table and possibly glass shelves to hold plants in the entire corner area.

3. Place a row of mirrors the same size as the window, along the window wall to mimic windows. Create Frames for the mirrors that have roughly the same look as the window frame. Hang a long curtain rod over the window and mirrors all the way across the wall. Alternate valances and longer drapes to frame each mirror and the window.

4. If you are artistic, you could paint a mural on the long blank area of the wall. Use the content and design of the mural to make the window placement look more natural.

One short Window and One Tall Window

This problem is very common in older homes, especially if they have been remodeled several times. Sometimes windows simply do not match at all. Other times the frames are the same style, but one window is longer than the other.

5. Buy four Curtain Rods of the same width. Use the first two for hanging 82 inch drapes. Leave these open. Use the second set of rods to hang a second set of curtains about six inches above the highest window sill. Place both secondary curtain rods at the same height. These curtains should extend all the way to the floor as well.

6. Try hanging floor to ceiling drapes and leaving them closed.

7. Place furniture in front of one or both windows to hide the fact that one window is short.

One Lonely Window on One Side of the Bed

Logically, if there is a window on one side of the bed, there should be another window on the other side of the bed. The same is true of sofas and window placement.

8. Hang a Mirror on the other side of the bed and grace it with drapes to mimic the other window.

9. Use louvered interior shutters on the existent window, then use an identical pair of shutters to create a faux window that is really a shallow cabinet to hold a mirror and cosmetics.

Shower Window

While many people enjoy having a big window in the shower, others might be a bit too shy for that. If a Shower window is making you uncomfortable here are a few ideas.

10. Buy a plastic window curtain that matches your shower curtain. This is the most obvious choice.

11. Replace the glass with stained glass, or another type of opaque or semi-opaque glass.

Kitchen Window Too Low for Cabinets

In the old days, kitchen cabinets were not required or even common. Many homes have long windows where cabinets need to be placed. In other homes, the window sills are just a tiny bit lower than average countertops.

12. Place a desk height countertop in front of the window. Hang a section of countertop between cabinets on either side of the window. This counter should be placed just a bit lower than the window sill. There are specialty desk drawer cabinets that can be fitted under the counter top.

13. Simply place a desk beneath the window, instead of a cabinet. Choose a style that is similar to the cabinets and finish the desk and cabinets to match.

14. If the window is extremely low, you can create a window seat below it and place your kitchen table in front of it to create a dining area, if that will work with your kitchen layout.

If All Else Fails

15. If none of the other solutions are working for your windows, it is possible to hang long drapes over the entire wall to completely obscure the location of the windows.

Jessica Bosari blogs about home decorating on behalf of Super Smart Blinds, where you can buy blinds online.