Project Change Management Basic Processes

Change request forms and weekly review meetings are fundamental elements on any project change management process. Their objective is to ensure that alterations are being carefully analyzed and evaluated and that the project managers planning timelines are not being unduly affected.

Change request forms can follow quite a standard process and should be defined by the project manager themselves. All requests for change should be put in this format and submitted to the project manager. They can then categorize each changes comes in to see how severe it is and how critical it is to the success of the project.

Some of the minor changes that are received may actually be given permission to implement straightaway, by the project manager. This is often done at their discretion in order to speed up the project change management process. It does however require some contingency in the current work load for these alterations to be implemented.

More commonly, a project change management meeting is held in a weekly basis to review all the pending change requests. Attendees include the project manager, the project sponsor and author of the change requests. Each change request is discussed and debated as regards its level of impact as well as its benefits.

It is important for the project manager to highlight if project plans are going to be affected by implementing specific changes. This may require the use of extra contingency or even drop other work in favor of the changes.

The project change management process can then be completed when the meeting minutes are written up and the approved project alterations as into the project proposal template. Lastly, the project manager informs the various team members of what alterations have been approved and how this will impact their own work activities over the upcoming stages of work, and what impact this may have on timelines.