Internet Reputation Management – What to Do if Social Media is Making You Look Bad?

Social media websites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter can be very useful for making friends, developing business contacts and keeping in touch. More and more people are beginning to realize however that the extreme connectivity and online anonymity of social media websites can also make you look really bad.

With social media, any embarrassing photos of you, negative comments posted in a heat of the moment rant or even lies and rumors listed by another person can all be easily found in a search engine. This raises concerns for many people, including those in the job market, those connected to a business, celebrities and especially parents of children who use social media regularly. So what can you do if you suddenly find yourself with a bad social media reputation?

Do a Little Housecleaning

If you have a negative online reputation then it is time to employ some internet reputation management strategies. Your digital history or everything you have ever done online is pretty hard to remove, but there are steps you can take.

First you need to know what is online that relates to you in a negative way. There are reputation management services that can scour the web and locate all information pertaining to you. Once you know what is being posted about you, you will be able to take steps to remove, repair or hide such information.

Proactively Control Your Reputation

It is very hard to remove portions of your digital history, but you can take steps to hide such information. The goal is to take proactive steps to ensure that positive and appropriate information is what people will find when they perform a search on your name. This means taking the time to promote your good name online.

Again many reputation management services can help you perform this task. By promoting your positive reputation, you will be better able to push negative and unflattering online content way back on search engine result pages, making it less likely that anyone will ever see it.