Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are web servers that can either be leased or owned. They provide one with exclusive use of web server resources for their business. Some of these resources include web hosting, data, communication and traffic management.

In most cases, the client has full control of the server, including root access and server administration. They can manage the hardware and software using server plans and administration consoles so as to suit their needs.

Using them comes with several benefits. To begin with, they are usually managed by web hosting companies. These companies ensure that the clients are well served and all their requirements are met. Some of them even have help desk personnel who help one to easily manage their site and software.

Another benefit is that the client can create more than one domain on the server. It is applicable if the client has a chain of retail outlets, since each one of them should have its own site and application software. If one does not have a dedicated server it would necessitate them to host their sites on different servers. This is expensive and inefficient.

Creating more than one domain on the server enables the client to have one application software which all the outlets can use to operate. This also ensures that the data is stored in a centralized location therefore making it easy for them to manage it. This reduces operating costs and also training personnel in case of job reshuffles.

They are also stable. This is because the client usually controls how the server operates. They can control what is to be run at a specific time and also manage the normal online activities that take place at different times. Traffic is also kept in check and data access is maintained at optimum since there is no congestion.

With these and more features the dedicated servers have proven to be more economical and efficient. That is why they are preferred to the shared server.