Some attributes of a good manager

There are a few basic, easy things you can do to become a better manager. In this short article I’ll go through a few of them, and throw in some examples of the behavior I’m referring to. By the time you’ve finished reading this (a few minutes), see how many of these attributes of a good manager you posses:

  • Delegate – the whole reason you’re a manager is that the work can be spread among the people that work for you – so spread the work – don’t try to do it all yourself
  • Motivate – give the people who work for you a reason to show up every day – it can be as simple as recognizing that nothing works if they don’t … recognition for individual contribution can be a strong motivator too
  • Transparency – don’t have your people going behind your back questioning every decision you make – make it very clear from the outset how you make your decisions – maybe even have them participate in deciding what the criteria should be
  • Open Door – make sure that your people are comfortable coming to you any time for any work related thing – you’ll have to set some boundaries (no “he said, she said” stuff)
  • Fail – make it OK for people to fail – that’s how they learn … just manage that failure so it doesn’t happen again
  • Mistakes – learn from your own mistakes – own up to them and share them with your people – it tells them that you screw up too
  • Sameness – treat everyone the same – even if you have a favorite, the only one that should know that is you
  • Let people grow – post that “job description accounting manager” on the bulletin board and show your people that you want them to grow
  • Replace yourself – the “let people grow” goes for you too – hopefully you won’t be in this job forever, so have a plan to replace yourself

These are just some of the tips (I think the more important ones) in how to be a good manager.