A Dedicated Server And The Advantages Of Using One

A host is a computer on a network which hosts websites and other shared files and information, and displaying them to the users of the client computers upon request. A dedicated server is one that is owned and used by only one customer. This occurs mostly in large businesses and companies. This can either be owned by the company or leased from a hosting company.

The company that owns or leases the hosting computer usually is granted full control which includes administration and root access of the host computer. This enables faster access of data and high traffic is accommodated without any difficulties.

Furthermore, this enables the user to customize the hardware and the software by use of hosting plans and administration consoles to suit their needs. Some other hosting computers might require use of helpdesk personnel to manage them. The user should know the kind of access and services provided by their hosting plan.

Most of these web hosting computers are normally run by good hosting companies which offer excellent customer care services as part of the purchased package. This is done by the user liaising with the provider to ensure all their needs are completely catered for.

When using a dedicated host computer, the user can create several different domains on the same host. This is especially useful to companies who have several branches and want to save on server rental costs by sharing one host computer. This improves the cost effectiveness and efficiency of the company IT system.

This kind of host computers are very stable and secure as the owner controls the what can happen on the server by determining what scripts can be run as well as the operations that can be carried out by client computers on the host computer.

Because of the many advantages provided by a dedicated server, many large companies find them to be an excellent solution to their hosting problems. Small businesses with light web pages do not require this kind of hosting and should seek leasing space from a web hosting company.