Building Website Traffic Using SEO

Building a successful business online equates to getting traffic to your site and that’s not necessarily an easy thing to do. But the fact that lots of people are successful at doing it also means that you can learn the skills necessary to be successful as well. Although there are expensive programs, e-books and other products that purportedly teach you to drive traffic to your site, there are many things that you can do on your own that are just as useful and much more economical.


• Use keywords wisely. All successful online businesses make use of keywords and usually have a strategy in place for placing them throughout the content on their site. Keywords should be used in titles, headlines and the first paragraph, as well as scattered throughout the body of the content.• Use keywords naturally. Although keywords are important, the days of keyword stuffing are over. Search engines are much more sophisticated now and, for best results, your keyword inclusion tactics should always read naturally and flow appropriately.

Targeting Your Niche

• People in online businesses often make the mistake of trying to be all things to all people. When building your business, remember to have one group of people in mind and be able to identify that group. This will help you determine your keywords and phrases as well as helping you define target market.

• Be able to answer some key questions. Is your target market young, old or middle-aged? Do they have expendable income or are they looking for extra income? Are they male or female? Answering some questions about your audience will be the first step in pinpointing your most valuable visitors.

Content is King

• High-quality content. Although unique content is what you want to keep your website ranking high, the quality of that content can determine how long you rank high. Keep in mind that the quality of your content is what keeps people coming back to visit your site.

• Link-building. The quality of your content determines who links to you. If you have great content, the odds are higher that other sites will want to link to you and good links equal a better search engine optimized website.

Learning and implementing some very simple SEO principles can help you become a successful online business person.