A great way to think about making money online

Making money online isn’t easy and it can be very challenging mentally too. I know of many people who have given it a go and simply got disheartened when they don’t see massive results instantly. Seems to be just the same when I read the forums too, a lot of people posting how they have worked hard but only made a couple of dollars to show for it.

Well I was exactly the same too till I had a conversation with a guru who changed my way of thinking.

I told him that I had been trying different strategies and all I had to show for so far was some weird website that was making about a dollar a day.

He told me well then you have already found out what you need to do to be successful you just need to implement it.

I was confused but he made it clear to me. He said that I should take that website which is making a dollar a day and add to it and try and make it produce 5 dollars a day. He said this should be pretty easy to do and once you have hit that target with it. Then you should do exactly the same on a new website. Then do it again and again till you are making the money you want to make. To make $100 a day I only needed 20 websites that were making $5 a day.

As soon as he put it like that it all sounded so easy. I had been stuck with a mental block about internet marketing and simply not getting anywhere as I wasn’t focusing on just one site at a time. The secret is to find something that works and then replicate it again and again!

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