Business Proposal Template Guide | Getting The Fundamentals Right

Many managers struggle to find an effective business proposal template. The format should include two main sections in of the targets the exact customer needs.

The first section is more similar to an executive summary. It provides exact details in a concise way showing how your company will be able to deliver on the request for proposal. You want to answer all the customers’ critical success factors. If they have profitable business ideas which this proposal is intended to complete then you want to make sure your proposal explains how you will deliver on these ideas.

The second section provides all the backup information. In effect, the first section is a teaser and synopsis of what your firm will do as part of the proposal and the second section provides supporting information as to how could be done. It should include sections detailing who will perform the job, management techniques, costs, production processes, work breakdown structures, reporting/monitoring procedures, key milestones, etc.

It is common to include a third section for appendices. This is usually done to reduce some of the bulk of the first two sections. You can also include extra graphs or costing information which may be too bulky to fit into the first two sections. The general recommendation is to write the second section first and then condense it down to provide your first executive summary section in the business proposal template.

Once you have completed a first draft of the business proposal template you should critically evaluate its contents. Make sure your proposal is satisfying and answering all the questions raised in the customer’s request for proposal. It should remain concise and remove any extraneous information. Try to avoid any generalities or general truths (e.g. quality is paramount – this is always applicable!). Use the evaluation criteria from the request for proposal to establish a score for your business proposal and then edits the contents to make sure all the customer needs are being targeted.