Marketing online – Mistakes I’ve learnt from

I could have literally purchased a mansion with the money I have spent, a costly lesson. I have been marketing my Boston hair salon business online over the past decade.

I have spent literally a small fortune on advertising with the top search engines only to discover that all my traffic was paid traffic, and my rating was in the millions (the lesser the number the better) and I was google bombed from my competition clicking on my ads which would wipe out my expensive daily budget!  I then hired an “SEO expert” who guaranteed me top positioning on all the major search engines. Ignorant to the SEO business I bought into this and guess what?  I paid a lot of money for more nothing.

I knew online marketing was going to be the key to success, but the search engine is going to end up your business partner.  You will be sharing your profits with them, and I dont want to. I work to hard to waste money.

Then a friend suggested an SEO company that had done work on his site and he was raving about this company so I had to contact them. At this point I had a real bad taste in my mouth after the last experience with an “SEO person” that promised the world and did nothing.   I contacted Chris Astuccio of  Marketing On Page. He did not promise me the world  because he does not control the world, what he did do was,  he taught me about the internet and how things worked and why my site wasn’t working for me.

Then he immediately closed my costly ppc(pay per click) search engine campaigns which were only costing me money with no return. Chris showed me the importance of blogging and set up my website that I could understand and navigate, and keep it up to date.  I can go into my website at any given time and check out my traffic and analytics.  I love that he gave me the control I have over my site and business.  I also learned about Alexa Ratings, and google page rank, and how to understand the reports in analytics  and was sick over the money I blew online marketing previously with nothing to show.

I love to write and have  my own blog built into my website.  This enables me to constantly reach out to my customers and potential customers.  I can post pictures, add video and write about my business. There is a formula to writing blogs that actually allow you to reach people  searching for what you have to say!  Chris turned my Alexa rating from one that was non-existent  to one that shows I am a viable and thriving hair salon.

I used to buy into the online “yellow pages.”  The online yellow pages would charge about $500 a year for a listing.  I thought that was reasonable.  Of course you sign on for one year and then they keep billing you if you forget to cancel the contract.

Just yesterday a woman called the salon and told me how her salon yellow pages would improve my salon business.  As we chatted on the phone, I checked out her “search engine.” I then checked her Alexa rating which was in the millions!  As I said the lower the rating the better.  I said to her, “Do you know your Alexa Rating is over 2 million?”  Her response; “What is an Alexa Rating?:”

I proceeded to explain what Chris had taught me.  I then told her my Alexa Rating was far better than hers and she could advertise on my site for $500 per year!!!! The key to success is finding an honest and diligent SEO professional, one that constantly monitors your site.  I am no online genius, but I found one in Chris Astuccio.  I am so pleased that my online budget is 1/3 of what it once was and that my salon business and online traffic has increased 10 fold!