Considerations When Ordering Embossed Business Cards

Ordering business cards should be a fairly easy process. Even if you are ordering more advanced printing processes like embossing or foil stamped business cards. In the past these types of printing were much more difficult to order. Fortunately today, with modern printing technology advances, the process involved with ordering these types of premium business cards is simple. While these types of cards may cost a little more money, the impression you leave prospective clients is priceless. Lets look at some of the things you may want to consider when ordering your embossed business cards.

When ordering premium printing services like embossed business cards there are several things you must consider. The embossing process is achieved by pressing the paper between two metal dies. These dies are held in a die cutting machine that applies a great deal of pressure. The combination of pressure and the form of those dies creates a raised area on the business cards. This effect is subtle at first glance but the tendency to not want to put an embossed business card down negates the subtle qualities. The impression your client will have of your tastes is is non quantifiable and should be considered when ordering these types of cards. Get noticed by your clients with these unique business cards.

There are many elements of your cards that you can emboss. One way of embossing them is known as blind embossing. This is where the selected area that is raised contains no ink. It is a really cool way to make your cards have a three dimensional look and feel. I do not suggest that you blind emboss your contact details as while very cool, this process does not lend itself to readablity.

If considering foil embossed business cards, you must consider the image you will want to be embossed. Like any embossed card, you want to avoid pictures and fine lines. Typically, strong clear logos and text will reproduce well when you add a metallic foil to your embossing project. Different foils can change the feel of your cards significantly. When designing your project choose your foil early in the process. Common foils can include gold, copper, silver, black, and various holographic foil embossing choices.

If improving your overall corporate image is important to you, then embossed business cards are an easy and cost effective way to deliver. At eleven cents per client, I can not think of a better way to deliver the impression of your high quality standards to potential clients.