What To Know In Designing Your Own Makeup Artist Business Cards

The make-up artist industry is highly competitive and a sure way of separating yourself as a make-up artist from the rest is with a solid business card design for you or your company. It is an effective way of getting return customers and allowing them to pass on your makeup artist business cards and/or details to other potential clients.

So where do you start with your makeup artist business cards design? Well, that would depend on your progress as a business. If you have a logo ready to go, then the next piece in the puzzle would be a branding package such as a letterhead, envelope and a business card. In regards to a business card ask yourself what details you’d like to include on the card. What does the customer need to know so they can contact you again? For example, your name, position in the company, phone number, address, email and website are critical to a successful business card.

The Design of Your Makeup Artist Business Cards

The design of your business card will always be important no matter of the demographic you’re trying to reach as a company. If the socio-economic group you’re targeting is a budget, low cost alternative, make sure your business card reflects that. So what that may mean is that the stock (what the business card is printed on) should be a lower gsm (thickness of stock). Additional savings can be made on the printing process by printing only black and white, or on one side, for example.

However, if you are offering a custom, highly stylized make-up process, don’t sell yourself short. A nice matte or high gloss finish to your business card is a great way of showing your class as a make-up artist. Using embossing or a special type of material will add to the look. Also, a thicker card is recommended for elegant and more upper class, professional makeup artists business cards.

Black is a good color to choose as a business card for a makeup artist. This way you can add a photograph of one of your clients, and the image will stand out. A striking image (semi-professionally shot) of a portion (eyes, lips) or even the whole face is advised. It will make your card standout and showcase your work at the same time.

Most importantly, allow your makeup business card to work with your logo using a similar style. If you’ve had your logo professionally designed (which is highly recommended), your card should reflect a similar style that should also reflect your target market as a whole.

In some cultures, writing on a business card is considered offensive (without any instruction to do so), so my suggestion would be that the rear of the card is dedicated specifically to dates and times for appointments. This will encourage your customers to write times and dates for a return visit. If it’s not relevant, and you use other means to make these appointments, your personal contact details as mentioned above would be a suitable alternative.