Service Based Businesses Anyone Can Start

Starting a home-based business can be a great way to earn a little extra money, work at a self-directed job that caters to individual interests and hobbies, or the launch pad for an exciting new career. Many people that would otherwise be very interested in starting a home business for one of these reasons balks at ideas of high start-up costs or licensing, stringent regulatory legislation or finding customers and clients.

Fortunately, a great many service-based home businesses require little in the way of start-up costs or licensing, suffer from little or no regulation beyond than governing general operating and legal principles, and creative individuals with a passion for what they do will always find customers and clients, even in tough economic times. Most importantly, starting a service-based business and driving it to success and profitability requires entrepreneurs to do what they love, and to communicate their passion for or interest in their work at every possible opportunity.

Pet Care

Animals lovers, for example, can find a wealth of service-based business opportunities that require little in the way of start-up, know-how, licensing or investment capital. Individuals who love and find that they are good with dogs, on one hand, can start a simple dog walking business in as little as an afternoon.

Applying for a business license, so as to always be legal and in compliance with local law, can be as easy as filling out a single form and submitting it locally, and supplies may be limited to purchasing a few nice leashes, harnesses and some means of cleaning up after the clients’ pets once they have handled their private business.

Similarly, pet sitting is an incredibly low-cost business for enterprising and animal-loving individuals to start. Many boarding centers and veterinarian offices charge high daily fees to board pets, even for working hours. Pet sitting in the privacy of an individual’s home can be not only an easy way to earn a little extra income, but for animal lovers it can be a great opportunity to meet and get to know an ever-changing cast of new animal friends.

Domestic Services

For more domestically-minded adults, a cleaning business can start off small and quickly grow in to a wonderful means of owning one’s own business and earning an excellent income. Business and industrial cleaning is always necessary and remains a service in high demand, even during tough economic times.

Purchasing carpet cleaning equipment, applying for a business license and advertising locally can be simple and inexpensive ways to get a simple yet very profitable cleaning business off the ground quickly. Word of mouth advertising will go a long way, and cleaners who do a great job at reasonable prices may be surprised at how quickly their client numbers grow.

Domestic service-based businesses that anyone can start abound. Great cooks should look in to creating and selling pre-cooked meals, great bakers can earn a lucrative income making cakes, cookies and pies, and individuals with skills in and a passion for sewing and knitting might just find that their creations become much sought-after arts and crafts within their communities. Creativity and a passion for the job at hand can help anyone find a great service-based business that they may start up with little or no costs, and see themselves making a nice living on the side or as their primary revenue source in no time at all.

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