Your 3 step guideline to start a webshop

A brief roadmap

Setting up a webshop is no mean feat. Obviously one needs to decide what product is sold and to whom but also less easy choices as how is it going to be found among all the other shops. Below is a brief roadmap of what you should think about when starting an online store.

Step 1

Determination of the assortment, pricing, positioning, target audience

• What will you sell? Do you want a very wide range and thus offer something for everyone? Or do you see yourself more as a specialist that focuses on a limited number of very special (niche) products?

• Do you want to try to be the cheapest provider in the market, or is what you offer something special that a high price tag is justified?

• Where do you want to sell; only in the region, just your domestic market or even internationally?

• Who has your focus, the young, cool buyer or just the retirees with money? Man or woman?

Depending on the choice this has implications for the design of the shop, the logistics behind it, any statutory provisions, marketing tools that are used, etc.

Step 2

If it is clear what you want to sell and to whom, a start can be made with the actual design and construction of the shop. Again, several choices must be made:

• The structure of the site, what information would you let the customer see and how do you think he / she navigates through the site. In general, the rule of thumb is that the customer should be able to quickly and easily find what is been searched for, and then smoothly and without hesitance buy the product. Therefore it is important to give the customer in every possible way the feeling that the webshop is trustworthy.

• The graphic design. This is what the visitor sees when visiting the shop. The question of what is “beautiful”, is answered by different people in various ways, but the design must be appropriate to the audience and the product that you sell. If you already have a corporate identity, it should be recognized in the design of the webshop.

• The technology behind the website. The technique determines among other things how quickly the site responds, and its flexibility in terms of maintenance and functionality.

At the same time there are also some more practical things to be looked at as what payment options you offer, how will goods be send, the shipping rates, and what legal requirements must be met.

Step 3

Now you have that wonderful and professional webshop, how do you attract your target group to visit your website.

• Internet marketing offers the solution.

In most cases, the design and construction of the shop is outsourced. A partner is of course selected with expertise knowledge in the field of e-commerce. A local provider is easiest to maintain a healthy relation with. The approach to find the best matching web specialist for your job is to search on the keywords ‘’webdesign’’ and ‘’your city’’. For example ‘’webdesign Eindhoven’’. Then it is recommended to refine your selection by examining the portfolio of the designers.

Hoping to have helped you making a start I wish you all the best with your online career.

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