Five Tips for Promoting Your Business Using Twitter

One of the best available ways to promote your business is to use Twitter –  the very popular micro blogging service that generates nearly 350 million short messages or tweets daily. There truly is no more effective way to promote your business today, granted of course that you know how to unleash the power of Twitter. Follow these Twitter tips and watch your business success grow!

Send Out Direct Messages

If you are already a member of Twitter, there is no doubt that you have received numerous direct messages from other members. While this method is self-promotional, it is effective. When deciding what message to send, be sure that it is something that people will find value in. If for example you sell running shoes, send a link to an article that describes the latest models for this year. If you do not want to send a link in your message you can pose a question such as “Do you need a new pair of low cost, high quality brand-name running shoes?” When your receive answers, you can then direct people to your landing page or website.

Stay Active

While this may seem like a no-brainer, the truth is that many business owners create Twitter accounts and then remain inactive, expecting business to come their way. You have to stay active on Twitter otherwise there’s no reason to use it.

Remember that your followers will be online at different times of the day so it’s important to update your status regularly and by regularly we are talking several times a day. This way you are sure to get your message read by everyone. Be careful not to re-send the same message over and over again because Twitter can ban you for doing so. You need to re-word your message to avoid being flagged as a spammer.

Keep an Eye on Trends

It would be to your advantage to keep an eye on trending topics. If there is any way that you can relate your products/services to a trend, do it! For instance, if you see that there is a trending topic about a heavy rainfall or flood somewhere that is getting a lot of attention and you sell umbrellas, tweet about the rains with your opinion and mention the fact that you sell some great umbrellas. Remember to add the #rainfall tag to your announcement.

Share on Other Social Networks

You can get your tweets out to a larger audience by directing them to other social network sites you use such as LinkedIn and Facebook. This is like killing two birds with one stone so to speak as it not only gives your tweets more exposure but it also keeps your other social network accounts up-to-date and active.

If you have the same connections on all of your networks, they may find it annoying to see the same status update being released at the same time. In this case, only send out selected tweets to certain networking sites.

Tweak your Profile

Your Twitter profile is like your online business card, at least you should think of it that way! Your profile is the first thing others will see and it can shape how people think of you and your business right off the bat. Make sure that your bio is reflective of your work and interests and be sure to keep it short, sweet and to the point. For an avatar, use your photograph or company logo to make your profile look professional. Avoid using an avatar that looks amateurish or even childish such as a silly cartoon or favorite superhero character.

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