Little Known Tricks to Become a Great Public Speaker

Public speaking scares most people, but there are simple tactics that can help relieve nerves and make the process of speaking in public a lot more relaxed and successful.

Let’s go through some of these tactics now…

Really Know Your Subject

At the simplest level, the better you know your subject the more likely you are to effectively present your ideas.  That said, sometimes if you know your subject well you may find it difficult to present in an easy to understand way as you’re assuming a lot of knowledge.

If that’s the case be sure to make an effort to present your ideas in an easy to understand way that’s right for your audience and if necessary pass your presentation by someone who is unfamiliar with the topic before it’s time for the actual presentation so they can point out issues.

Lots of Planning

The more you plan your presentation, whether it’s every single word, or just working from cue cards, it will greatly help you present your speech without running out of things to say and without forgetting what you’re meant to actually be saying.

Rehearse as Many Times as You Need

Again, it’s well worth rehearsing your presentation before one person or a group of people you’re comfortable with before the main event.  This will help you to iron out any issues in the presentation including your delivery style and whether the ideas are presented clearly.

It will also help you to start becoming comfortable with the process so that you feel a lot less nervous on the actual day of the speech.

Practice Makes Perfect

Of course, like with everything the more you do something the easier it becomes.  And your first public speech may be nerve shattering whereas your hundredth may be something you barely think about.

But that said, perhaps you find yourself nervous before and during every single speech. If that’s the case it will take more than knowing your subject, planning, and rehearsals to alleviate those nerves.  More on that later.

Become Comfortable With Your Room

The more familiar and comfortable you are with the area you’re going to be presenting in, the more relaxed it will help you feel about the whole thing.

Of course this may not be possible in every circumstance, but if possible arrive early to give yourself time to acclimatize to the involvement, rather than having to hurry to get set up and feeling harassed when you start your presentation.

Get to Know Your Audience

If you’re comfortable with your audience even before your presentation that of course is a huge benefit. Of course this may not be possible for every speech so again arriving early can help you check out your audience and perhaps meet some of them to help you become more familiar with who you’re actually going to be speaking to.

And Breath…

This may be easier said than done but common tactics like breathing exercises and even perhaps yoga or meditation, either as a habit, or before your speech can help you feel a lot more relaxed before and during your presentation which can help the entire event be much more successful.

Visualize Your Success

Sitting quietly and picturing yourself going through the entire process before, during and after the speech – and – it being a success (in your mind) may be very helpful for the actual event.

Channel Your Energy

Nervousness can potentially be redirected, so perhaps try to use that as part of your presentation to create energy, and can even potentially work to your benefit by making your presentation more lively.

This post is by Craig Chapman who writes for