Corporate Uses of a Surveillance Service

It’s really cool when we see people being tracked via satellite in the movies where it seems that with a flick of a mouse and some satellite time, you can track just about anybody.  Of course, that doesn’t happen to most of us in real life.  In real life, surveillance is the science and art of observing a person, place or thing with the goal of uncovering some important fact or piece of information.  Major corporations have been known to incorporate a surveillance service in order to reduce potential security risks and to protect the possessions of the company.  Surveillance of a particular individual can be used to determine whether or not that individual can be trusted.  There are a number of other scenarios where surveillance proves to be extremely useful.

If your company advertises the fact that its shop is under surveillance, that in itself deters a good deal of crime.  Mostly, crimes of opportunity are thwarted because the potential criminal is reminded that he or she is being watched.  An obvious placement of a camera surveillance system sends the message that things are being watched.  Placement of signs that say, “Warning, Area is Under Video Surveillance” does not hurt, just to make sure everyone gets the message.

In the case where a corporation thinks that an employee is committing crimes such as embezzlement or stealing company secrets on site, a simple review of the suspects corporate communications; phone calls, texts, emails can do the job.  If not, then perhaps setting up a hidden video surveillance camera may be the answer.

Setting up surveillance cameras in common areas like loading docks and break rooms is a great way to protect the company against any insurance fraud.  If the location referenced in an accident claims was under video surveillance, in many cases it can be easily proven or disproven.

Surveillance can be used as a tool to improve customer service.  Cameras can be set up near where employees greet customers to analyze whether or not they are being greeted properly by employees.

These are just a few of the ways in which surveillance can be used to help a company remain profitable.  Some of these methods come close to ethical and moral boundaries.  That is a topic for another discussion.  The fact is that surveillance and surveillance services have evolved into a multifaceted tool that, if used skillfully, can save companies millions of dollars over the years.