Baby Pools

Taking your baby into the water, whether it be a baby pool or a regular sized one, can be great fun for everybody. Although they can’t verbalize their excitement, the look of pleasure and surprise on most babies’ faces when they first set foot in water is priceless. When getting a baby swimming pool, the first thing to think about is safety.

Most pools are inflatable plastic baby pools, so features are not the big issue. What is important is that babies and kids in and also just around the pool be supervised by an adult at every moment. Far too many drownings happen each year because an adult thought that a small sized pool would be harmless- don’t let it happen to you.

If you can manage that, you can start thinking about baby pools for your kid. The first thing to decide is whether the pool will only be for baby’s use, or if an adult will also be joining baby inside the pool. That’s because some models are really scaled to baby, and only baby will fit. These are good if you want to avoid an overly involved set up and take down, as such pools are smaller and don’t need much water to be filled.

However, it can be very enjoyable for an adult to be right there in the water with baby, so a pool that will also accommodate an adult is probably the way to go. Some are big enough to accommodate many kids and even have a water slide for kids to slide down into the pool- great if you want the pool to keep kids occupied for a longer time.

Another way to get babies and kids to want to play in the water is by giving them baby pool toys to play with. Babies are easily entranced by water, but some may need a little incentive to get in. That’s where pool balls and other toys come in to get them to want to go into baby pools.