Guard Your Valuables Winchester Gun Safes

Winchester is one of the most widely known gun brands of today. They have a product for every type of gun in the market. Winchester was very popular by the end of 19th century, especially since their very own repeater rifle is said to have “won the West”. They have been producing gun-related products of high quality, including ammo, accessories and firearms. But apart from these items, Winchester is starting to become popular in the gun safe industry as well.

Together with Granite Security, Winchester is producing excellent gun safes of different models with very useful features. Winchester safes meet various qualities of a good safe, such as fire resistance, resilience against burglary and storage capacity.

All of the available Winchester gun safes for sale have fire protection, from as little as 30 minutes to as much as one and a half hours at a temperature of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. These Winchester safes can either be Traditional or Western types. According to statistics, you are more likely to become a victim of a house fire than of robbery. Fire protection is therefore something no one should take for granted.

That said, you still have to worry about getting robbed as well. All Winchester gun safes sold are registered under Residential Security Containers List of Underwriters Lab. In other words, the person who attempts to rob you shall undergo a very painful ordeal while doing so. The Underwriters Lab actually hire professionals to try and open the safe with the use of pry bars and even carbide drills for a duration of five minutes, just to prove how beastly these containers actually are.

All of Winchester’s gun safes come with a lifetime guarantee. This is how Winchester proves how safe your valuables are with their products. If there is an instance where the safe gets damaged during robbery or when a fire breaks out, then the company will either repair the equipment or give you a new one for free, given that the purchaser is still alive. This is quite a deal. Winchester is a very dependable brand of firearms, and it is also a dependable brand for safes. For $750, up to $1400, it would be best to buy a Winchester safe.