Best Companion Plants to Grow with Roses

Growing roses on your garden can be a rewarding choice. Once they start blossoming you would know that you made the right decision in picking roses as the plants to place on your garden. But of course you can not just let your garden go with just roses on it. You need some other plants to go with it to make your garden more interesting and lively. To help you out here are some of the best
companion plants to grow with roses that you can use on your garden:

1. The best plants that you can grow with roses are those that have approximately the same care requirements and needs when it comes to the lighting and the amount of water that they consume. All plants that belong to the onion family can serve as excellent companion plants to roses. They can deter aphids and other harmful insects because of their strong scent which can help in preserving the roses. Garlic is also another good plant since it has a deterring scent as well.

2. There are certain herbs that are highly recommended as companion plants for roses. Plants like parsley, thyme and geraniums are noted for their scent can go well with roses in helping to deter insects and other pests.

3. There are some types of flowers that can be excellent companion plants for roses. These are the plants that have the same care requirements. Marigolds and Lavenders are just two examples of flowering plants that can go well with roses. They can also offer some protection against pests and insects making them even more ideal. They need about the same amount of light and water as roses so caring for them should not be a problem.

4. If what you are after is a plant whose smell can go well with of the rose then you should use allysum. The scent of this plant just blends in so well with that of the rose. The combination of the colors as well is also quite stunning to see.

5. Blue Woodruff- You can grow this plant from seeds. This plant can grow well under shades and their flowers attract a lot of butterflies. It is also very easy to grow as well unlike other companion plants that may require even more care than the roses. All you have to do is to remember to plant the seeds of this plant in the proper manner and then you can be sure to get the perfect companion plant for your roses.

These are just some of the plants that you can use as companions for your rose plants. As you can see the idea is to use plants that have strong scents in order to deter harmful insects that might be attracted to the scent of the roses and cause damage. Companion plants should also be chosen for their ability to attract insects that can be beneficial to the roses. One other thing to remember is that you ought to look for plants that can look good together with your roses.