Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring stands head and shoulders over most other flooring materials because it has a unique blend of features that outweigh those of others. Polished concrete flooring is achieved through a graded sequence of polishing where the base concrete of a house’s foundation (or a new layer) is ground and polished to different levels of sheen, from textured to high gloss, depending on the need and applications. To understand the features of polished concrete better, here are ten reasons why it beats all other flooring materials hands down.

1.       Saved costs

Concrete flooring can utilize the base foundation of your home and this means you won’t have to invest in a new layer of flooring or additional flooring material. The smoothing and polishing simply transforms your floor.

2.       Durability

We all know concrete for its robustness and durability. Now consider a beautiful shining floor with all these features. Because it borrows from the strength and durability of concrete, polished concrete floors last very long.

3.       Ease of Maintenance

Polished concrete is easy to clean as nothing much can stick on it. And when it comes to the residential versions of the same, the glossy finish makes it such that it can be cleaned with just a simple sweep of a broom and light mopping.

4.       Colors

Polished concrete comes in a wide variety of colors that place it in a favorable competing position with the best of other flooring materials. The numerous colors also make it a favorable residential flooring material that offers more aesthetics than just one dull color.

5.       Textures

Graded progressively, polished concrete goes from being lightly polished (textured) which is best for commercial spaces such as factories and warehouses, to glossy, the ultra-polished version. There are a whole bunch of other grades in the middle that can be made to a customer’s specifications.

6.       Moisture resistance

Polished concrete is moisture resistant; something other materials such as wood and cork are not. This is also a great advantage because it allows the underlying concrete base to breathe and dry completely, something that other flooring materials actually hinder when they are placed on top of a concrete sub layer.

7.       Highly Reflective

Polished concrete, as its name suggests, is highly reflective when polished to a glossy finish. This comes in very handy in commercial spaces such as offices and hotels where a bright and clean finish is desired. When coupled with bright lighting and mirrors, the results can be pretty spectacular.

8.       Sustainability

The manufacture of concrete may be quite a process but once the concrete is applied, there begins its journey of sustainability. Because it is a complete product in itself, polished concrete requires no adhesives, solvents or any other hazardous materials applied on it. This makes it one of the most sustainable flooring materials there are.

9.       Elimination of dusting

Unpolished concrete tends to emit what is known as concrete dust as it dries and this can be both a health hazard as well as a sustainability hazard. When the unpolished concrete is swept or cleaned, this may cause little holes to form and this can result in an overall deterioration of the concrete. Polished concrete has none of these issues.

10.   Increased strength and less friction

In commercial spaces where heavy vehicles and machinery are constantly moving around, polished concrete offers a respite as its smoothness adds to its strength. Additionally, less friction with various other objects also means it will last long while also reducing the wear and tear of the machinery moving on it.

Guest post by Scott Ryan, writing for ANS Coating, a company that specializes in polished concrete flooring systems.