Best Plant to Give as a Gift

Plants can be an excellent choice for a gift even for a person who is not in planting or gardening, that’s because there are so many things that you can do with plants. It can also convey the right kind of message to the person that you are giving the gift to. If you want to know what is the best plant to give as a gift then here is a list of ideas that you can try out:

Bonsai– The practice of bonsai is considered to be an art form in its native Japan. Loosely translated it means growing or planting on trays and it perfectly describes that. The most common bonsai plants are trees that have been reduced down to the size of small miniatures. The art of pruning and training a tree to grow as a miniaturized version of itself takes a long time to master. In the past bonsai plants were quite expensive and could not just be bought anywhere, but since the practice has become widespread buying a trained bonsai plant is not as expensive as it used to. Still giving it out as a gift can convey a great sense of appreciation on your part. When you give out a bonsai plant as a gift make sure that you include instructions on how to take proper care of it.

Bamboo- As you know bamboo is the tallest growing grass in the world and there are many types and varieties of it that are available. In other parts of the world, it is highly valued as a construction material and as a material for handicrafts and the manufacture of furniture. It can also be used as a gift. Bamboo is green all year round, grows fast and requires very little care. If you want something unique then you can get bamboo plant that has been trained to grow after a certain shape or pattern like a heart or others.

Cacti- There are two varieties of this type of plant, the desert type and the jungle type. Both types of cacti can be colourful an interesting gifts. The desert cacti is native to the American continents and are characterized by their leafless flat or cylindrical trunks. Normally they are covered by spines or thorns that are used to retain moisture. Jungle cacti are even better. Unlike their desert cousins they can produce flowers that have vibrant colors.

Mini Evergreen– When the Holiday season comes around, one of the best plants to give away as a gift has to be the mini-evergreen. These plants are the miniaturized versions of junipers and other ever green trees. You can dress them up like mini Christmas trees when you give them away. You can place them in small boxes so they can be kept in a desk in the office.

These are just some of the plants that you can give away as a gift. There are many more that you can use in that way. Just use your imagination.