Three Reasons People Fail To Achieve Their Financial Goals

How you achieve financial abundance and when really depends on what it is you consider being free.  Regardless of your definition you probably yearn for more freedom financially.  Even if you don’t want to become a millionaire, you at least would like to know what it is to experience that freedom that comes from not worrying about money.

So what is it that allows some people to attain extraordinary wealth while most people struggle from one paycheck to the next?  The first reason is because they don’t make money a priority in life.  If you ever expect to achieve financial freedom you have to make the process of making money a priority in your life, possibly over everything else in your life including family.  That’s the bad news; the good news is that it is not forever.  Everything takes some energy to get it going, much more energy than it takes to keep it going, so if making a bunch of money is important to you and you have never made much of it in the past you have some hard work ahead.

The second reason so many people fail to achieve wealth is they underestimate how difficult it can be to get enough momentum.  What does this mean exactly?  Whether you choose to become a bodybuilder, martial arts master, or rich, the principles are the same.  In the beginning things are very difficult and progress is few and far between.  The more time goes by however, the more things pick up steam.  After a period of time results starts coming in ever increasing amounts with that same initial effort or maybe just a bit more.  Momentum in the world of money is usually exponential returns on investments or a business.

The third reason most people fail sounds a bit trite but couldn’t be more true.  The reason is that they quit.  You never really fail until that fateful day that you throw in the towel.  Often people think they just need to find the secret method or a better business idea when in reality the best kept secret is perseverance.  The reason why this is something that you have heard your whole life is because it is as true today as it was thirty years ago and wont change anytime soon.  People always are looking for the shortcut and every once and awhile someone gets a break but it is usually the people who are prepared and are already working toward their goals.