Butterfly Marketing – Legit or Scam?

The Butterfly Marketing system is a topic debated by many internet marketers.  Basically, it is an online marketing product that comes with a set of dvds and some software that contains advice and commentary from experts in the internet marketing world.  The software in it is used to create websites that require memberships, and the idea behind it is that you make money through people signing up for your site.

The program is technically advanced for the beginner, so it is not recommended to newbies.  This is because only marketing experts have seemed to have success with the butterfly marketing manuscript.  It originates from the butterfly effect theory which says that the the flap of the wings will cause a huge change to the surrounding environment.  It was created by Mike Filsaime.  The program cost ranges from $997-$1497, but it is said that the manuscript is downloadable at no cost online.

Overall the reviews are scattered.  Some people claim that it can make money fast, while others say that it is just too hard to learn.  One of the keys of the program is learning how to implement e-mail marketing.  It can be tedious because there are new regulations that prohibit people from sending out mass-emails and through an new act in 2003, e-mails now beed to be filtered to make sure that they are legitimate.

Some people think that there are other avenues you can embark on to be successful in web marketing.  Because of the numerous amounts of marketing tools, I highly suggest going after one that is free.  A lot of people think that just because you pay for something it is better than something that does not cost anything.  One of the major reasons I disagree is Google.  They have some of the best web tools out there and never charge anyone to use mail, docs, analytics, adsense, and countless other tools that have been used by marketing experts.  In closing, there are many ways to make money on the internet, but hold off on the butterfly marketing manuscript until you get more experience.