Benefits of Using the Windows Registry Checker

When most people hear the words “Windows Registry Checker” they most likely have no idea why they might want to use this software or what it really does for your computer. The first thing you need to understand is what the windows registry actually is. The windows registry is basically the back end of the windows operating system. It is the the detailed settings that applications are allowed to set in order to use specific functions allowed by Microsoft when designing windows. For example; it is the place on your computer where a program might store an entry to allow the program to load automatically at startup. You may be familiar with this type of behavior after you installed a new program and now you have a new icon in your system tray or start menu near the clock.

Now that you have some idea what the windows registry is you can see how easy it would be to end up with a lot of junk in the registry that you would not want there or need in order to operate you computer. This extra registry entries can have a negative impact on the performance of your PC. Loading unnecessary programs at startup will consume valuable resources that could be used to perform other tasks. This programs can use memory, utilize the CPU, and use swap file space just to name a few. As you can imagine the more of these processes you have running the less resources your computer will have available to perform the task you have at hand.

The Windows Registry Checker tool will basically scan your entire windows registry file and look for obvious errors or entries that point to missing programs or files. You can end up with these by not properly un-installing applications that you no longer use. For example if you just delete a programs files and folders from your hard drive and do not use the actual un-install tool provided by the program. The problem with removing a program in this manner is that you do not remove the registry entries associated with that program. The larger you Windows registry is will also have an impact on overall computer performance. The more information stored in the registry then the longer you PC needs to search through it before it finds the answer it needs when called by any process on your PC.

The registry repair scan can help you easily identify the registry entries that are not linked to any files. It can also find entries that are known to be malicious or just have an overall negative impact on your computers performance. Running a regular scan is highly recommend by computer technicians.

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