The 6 Big Myths About Aging – How You Can Look Great at Any Age

I think that one of the biggest fears that all of us have is the fear of growing old. We don’t want to grow weak and wrinkled and we can’t really be blamed for feeling that way. After all just look at how the media has portrayed old people. Just look at Grandpa Simpson old, toothless, senile, irrelevant, annoying and always in the way. Who wants to be like that?

Why Do We Have To Grow Old After All?- I think our lives can be likened to a short roller coaster ride. The start of life marks the start of the ride, youth is the ride upwards, the peak of manhood marks the topmost point and then everything goes downhill from there until the ride stops. Once we reach a certain period in our life our body stops to develop and it undergoes the slow but sure process of deterioration. Some researchers have placed this point to be as early as 25 years of age. Each cell in our body has a clock to it that marks the amount of replications that it can do. Once it has reach the indication is reached the cells will stop the replication and so the body is sure to show signs that it is aging gradually, until you reach a point where too much cells have been lost that you can no longer function. This feature is not just meant to kill you however. If the cells ignore this feature and just go on replicating even after their time then cancer cells are produced.

Myths About Aging– Aging isn’t all that bad. Most of the negative things that we have come to associate with aging is the result of what the media has planted into our minds. Here are six biggest myths about aging that you should take out from your mind:

1. Aging Means Becoming Senile-
Americans have always poked fun at old people. From Washington Irving to James Thurber humorists have always found something funny about them and one of the most obvious butt of jokes is old people and senility. In reality only 5% of aging Americans suffer from senility. The loss of memory and the slowness of thought can be prevented and the depressing truth is that most of it is caused by lack of vitamins during the lifetime.

2. Gaining Age Means Losing Teeth– Old people tend to lose their teeth. That does not mean that old age is simply the thing to blame for that. Poor hygiene and improper oral care is mostly to blame for being toothless.

3. When You Become Old You Become Sick All the Time
– Being old does not mean that you have to spend all of your time recovering from some sickness. Again this can be prevented if you only take care of your body when you are still young. You can boost your immune system. Because your body is changing as you grow old you need to adapt.

4. Changing Lifestyle When You Are Old Won’t Do You Any Good-
This is the refrain of people who are just too stubborn to change their ways and quit the activities that are generally harmful to their health.

5. Old People Can Not Learn Anything New-
Older people can handle learning new things and those who think that they can not are just falling victim to the perception of society as to what they can and can not do.

6. Old Age Means Wisdom-
Wisdom is not something that you automatically get. You gain it by living your life to the fullest and by experience.

How You Can Pull Off a Dorian Gray- In the novel by Oscar Wilde the leading character was a dissolute rake who wanted to dedicate his life fully to carousing and debauchery. He got the chance to do so with a magical painting. Because of that painting he remained young and fresh while his image in the painting was the one that aged and rotted. Sad thing is that we have not developed a computer that can create an image like that so we just have to settle for other stuff. The next best thing is that we can do some things to lessen the effects of aging. That means we can look and feel young at the same time. Getting older does not mean that you can not look good. In fact you can even be hotter as you grow older. You just have to know how to.

This just means that you have to look clean and presentable all the time. It might not make you younger but it sure can make you look good. Get your trimmed regularly and have a contemporary hair style. Use high quality hair and skin care products. People will judge you by the way that you look and your skin and your hair are the first things that are going to notice. No matter how expensive your clothes are if you look like you have just gone through some terrible sickness then it’s useless.

Understanding Your Image, Body Shape and Colors- Having an understanding of these elements is the key to dressing right and looking good. You have to decide on the kind of image that you want to project in order to pick the right clothes. The same is true with your body shape and the colors that go well with your body. As you grow older you have to plan what you wear for each occasion. Gone are the days when you can just decide right before the event and just pick the first one that you come across in your closet.

– The value of exercise can not be underestimated. You need it for different reasons at different stages of your life. When you are younger you can exercise in order to develop your body. As you grow older however you need exercise to keep your movements going. Keeping the muscles strong and tight allow you to look good an on top of your form.

Diet– Proper diet goes hand in hand with exercise in giving your body the right condition in order for you to stay strong and looking good. As we have seen the habits formed earlier in life are the key things that can determine if one can age with grace. That means you have to start eating healthy as early as possible so you can feel its benefits when you grow older.

You Are Only As Old As You Think You Are-
What if we have not invented the notion of aging? What if we are not aware that at a certain age a person should act this and not that? See, human age is just a concept that we have in mind. If you think of yourself as an old person then you are one and people will feel that. You can grow old and stay young at heart,

Old age is something that we can not escape except by dying young. The human body is bound to deteriorate no matter what we do. That does not mean however that we have to spend our old age in misery. We can choose to be strong and healthy now by following these things that will allow you to be youthful despite your age.