Garden Healthy Habits – Stay Fit And Feel Great

These days we have to think up of all the methods that can help us to improve our health. We need to do that because the normal activities that we perform on a daily basis are not really meant to make our bodies strong and healthy. So we have to find ways that keep our bodies in the best shape possible. It has to be a conscious effort on our part.

Gardening and Health- I have tried all kinds of hobbies that are supposed to provide me with a healthy body, and I could say with conviction that only gardening can give me all the benefits that I needed from a physical activity. I think that it is a very productive activity because you can create a beautiful garden at the same time that you are becoming healthy.

The Health Benefits of Gardening- I can not think of any other activity that can relieve stress as much as gardening. Most people who are engaged in it is going to agree with that. A lot of them started out in the activity after they were advised that they needed to do something that can help in easing the stress that they feel on their everyday lives. Gardening can help you forget about the regular worries that you have and just make you focus on taking care plants and making sure that they grow well and proper. You forget about other worries as you try to become more creative with your garden. Gardening is also a good way to let your imagination and your creativity and take on new heights.

Gardening as a Physical Activity
– Most people think of gardening as a gentle pastime but in fact it can be as physically straining as any exercise that you can do when you go to the gym. That is why gardening can also be a means for caring for your own self. You can take care of your plants and you can take care of you mental and your physical well being.

Healthy Habits To Develop When You Are Gardening-
As I have mentioned earlier gardening can be a high intensity activity and so you have to watch for yourself when doing it. There are certain things that you have to keep in mind when you are gardening so that the things that you do need not put an intense strain on your body.

Warming Up– When you are playing some sports or any other physical activity you are always reminded that have to perform some warm-ups first before you actually engage in it. This is to ensure that the body is ready for the activity that you are about to do. Countless injuries are happening because the person has not properly prepared his body. Again this has something to do with the fact that gardening is generally perceived as a gentle activity that is really not physically demanding at all. To properly warm-up the bodies for gardening you have got to mimic the actions that you are going to perform when you are out in the garden. If you are going to bend down a lot then start working on your waist and do some bends already. The same is true with squatting and other body movements.

There is also a tendency to use just one side of the body when doing an activity like gardening. This might result in one side getting all the strain and the other not being developed. You have to make a conscious effort to use both sides of your body when working.

Just the Right Strain-
One of the biggest problems encountered with gardening is overexertion and straining the body. Since you might think that it is a light activity you might push yourself a little too far when performing it. Strain is okay in order to develop the muscles in your arms but when there is too much of it that might lead to serious damage. Make sure that you perform action when gardening that is not going to be too much for your body.

Alternating Tasks
– When performing exercises, one of the tips that is commonly given is that you need to varying types of exercises so that the body is not going to get used to the movements that you are doing. Because if that happens then you are not going to benefit from your exercise. The same thing is true when you are doing the physical acts of gardening. Try dividing them into several acts each day. Take care of the plants that are on the ground for one day and the plants that are hanging on another.

Caring for Your Back-
One part of the body that suffers a lot when it comes to being strained is the back. This is especially true in gardening where we usually bend down to lift things. While the weights of those that we lift are not that much the repetition of it all can be too much of a strain as for it to cause some injury and pain on the body.

No Need for Unnecessary Pain
– While gardening can be an excellent source of exercise for the body, you don’t have to suffer unnecessarily because of it. You can get stools and cushions that can lessen the impact of having to squat down. Use mechanical aids whenever you can.

After Gardening- When you are done with your gardening you have to perform some stretching that can help your muscles to adjust ton the strain that they just underwent. I suggest that youv take up some activities that promote stretching of the body such as Tai-chi and Yoga. These activities are perfect to be performed in the garden.

Working on the Outdoors-
Another reason why doing gardening has attracted so many people lately is because of the fact that it allows them to work in the outdoors. This is particularly attractive to those who are used to working indoors and doing most of their activities inside a structure. While this is a great attraction it can also cause some problems, because a person is not used to exposure to the sun then they might have a hard time coping. Proper gear is needed for it. That is why there are recommended clothes for gardening which can help a person to deal with the heat that is coming from the sun.

Weight Loss– Because gardening is an activity that can contribute in the burning of a lot of calories it can then be beneficial to those who are aiming to lose weight. Gardening is an excellent weight loss activity because it involves a lot of calorie burning movements and it promotes healthy diet as well especially if you go for planting vegetables. Of course it can not take the place of a proper weight loss program but doing it at the same time can go a log way.

As you have seen gardening is a pastime that also requires some physical toughness. If you enjoy plants and you like to do some exercises then gardening should be the thing to go for. It can help you on your aim of becoming physically fit and strong at the same time.