The New Super Vitamins – Transform Your Health at 50+

We all know that vitamins can be beneficial to our health, but what we might not be aware of is the fact that there are certain types of vitamins that have multiple positive effects to the body. These are the so called super vitamins.

How Can These Vitamins Be Used to Fight Aging- As we have mentioned all vitamins can be beneficial to the body, but there are certain standouts that can deliver multiple benefits. Previously it has been thought that there are no real advantages to taking vitamins. That the problem only starts when you have a lack of them in your body. There are numerous diseases that happen because of lack of certain vitamins. These diseases are called avitaminosis. These include scurvy which is a disease caused by the lack of Vitamin C and Beri-beri which is caused by a deficiency in Vitamin B. Recent research has shown however that vitamins can play a more important role in our health. It has been proven that they can prevent some serious diseases from developing.

Vitamin D
– One of the super vitamins that we now have is Vitamin D. This is a previously underrated vitamin that was not considered to be as important as the others. Vitamin D is unique since it is the one vitamin that can be synthesized by the body. This process is triggered by exposure to sunlight and this is just right since the food sources for vitamin D is limited to egg yolk, liver and oily fishes. Exposing your body to the sun for about 10 to 15 minutes everyday should produce enough Vitamin D to last throughout the day.

What Are The Benefits of Vitamin D- It has long been known that Vitamin D is beneficial in giving strength to the bones. Until recently it was thought that it was the only benefit brought about by the vitamins. It was more than a little surprising to find out that it can provide more then just bone strengthening.

It is now known that vitamin D can prevent the growth of tumors, the development of cardiovascular diseases, neurological problems and even in improving the cognitive skills of an individual. There are also some research results that points out to the fact that this vitamin can be used to prevent the development of diabetes.

Deficiency in D-Despite the fact that this vitamin is very beneficial there are still a lot of people who suffer from its lack. Experts estimate that about more than half of the world’s population is lacking in Vitamin D and so they are missing out on the opportunity of improving the quality of their lives. Perhaps if there is more awareness now then people are going to exert a lot more effort in getting enough of this vital nutrient in their body.

How Much of it Is Needed? – As with other nutrients a person’s requirements when it comes to vitamin D depends on a lot of factors. These would include age, sex, location and the average amount of exposure to the sun. Since the body can synthesize it when exposed to sunlight, those who have enough sun exposure no longer have a need to get this vitamin from their diet. The food sources of vitamin D are limited to fishes that have a lot of oil in their meat, liver and eggs. On the average however daily requirement for vitamin D is around 200 IU.

Impact on Health and Aging- Because of all the newly discovered benefits of vitamin D for our health, its use should be reexamined. It seems to impact most of the major health problems that we are facing today, especially those who are 50 years old and up. If this vitamin can prevent cancer, heart problems and diabetes from developing then it can be a great aid for fighting the effects of aging.

Vitamin C- If there has been a vitamin that has been known for multiple effects and benefits in the past then it has to be Vitamin C. Part of the reason why vitamin C has been touted as a super vitamin is because of its connection with the immune system of the body. Another reason why vitamin C is so commonly used is because it is a powerful antioxidant, one that can fight the effects of aging effectively.

Vitamin C and Anti Aging– One of the most dreaded effects of aging are those that happen on the skin. Sagging and wrinkled skin are signs of old people would rather not have. Though it might not be able to completely stop it the use of vitamin C can have positive results towards fighting this effect on the skin.

Anti oxidants mainly work by countering the effect of free radicals in the body. While free radicals can be produced by the normal body process they can also be acquired from exposure to the environment or through habits such as smoking. While free radicals can cause some serious damage to the skin cells in the body it has also been shown that free radicals can have some negative impact on other parts of the body. It seems that it has some effect on causing Alzheimer’s disease as well. Normally antioxidant formulations with vitamin are made to be applied topically on the skin. The problem with those formulations is that they are not fully absorbed by the skin. That is why new research needs to be conducted to find the best formulation for anti aging vitamin C products.

Vitamin E- Another vitamin that can deliver multiple benefits to the body is vitamin E. It is also beneficial to the immune system and is known to help in fighting cancer. The problem with vitamin E is that most supplements that supposedly has it as a main ingredient only has one form of vitamin E which unfortunately is also the least potent. If you want to get the most benefit from it then it is best to find the natural sources of vitamin E. Vitamin E can be found in both animal and plant sources

Vitamin E and Cancer- Perhaps the most striking benefit that you can get from vitamin E is that it effectively fights a variety of cancer. It can combat cancers in the lung, breast, prostate and cervical. In fact vitamin E is so effective as an anti cancer compound that it can fight all types of cancer for certain. Like all other types of vitamins the level of vitamin E in your body can be affected by smoking and other unhealthy habits.

The Elixir Of Life- A lot of effort has been expended in trying to find means of effectively fighting aging. Before the time of modern medicine all that effort was expended in looking for the Fountain of youth or in researching the right ingredients for the Elixir of Life. Now we know better and while we can not completely stop the effects of aging on our body we can slow it down and reduce its impact. Mostly this can be done with the use of super vitamins. You should start taking super vitamins not just when you reach 50 but at any age. In fact the earlier that you use them the better for you.