3 Steps for More Mortgage Leads

Generating a mortgage broker lead is a skill that must be mastered in order to gain any real income in the mortgage industry. This article will teach you how to effectively network and grow your business with reverse mortgage lead generation.

Make more friends
It may sound funny, but your mom was right when she told you to go out and make friends. In business, people like to do business with people they trust. It is your job to be perceived as trust worthy.

The best way to make more friends and network is to reach out to your existing network. The law if six degrees states that everyone is connected somehow. Reach out to your friends and have them invite people whom you’ve never met before. I assure you, your network will grow incrementally and so will your leads

Give first
The law of reciprocity states that you must give in order to receive. The same holds true in business. Call past clients and ask them “how can I help you?” wait for their answer and then do it. The gratitude from your past clients will be enormous and they’ll find ways to return the favor. Make this a standard practice with every new prospect you meet. Find out how you can help them first.

Go where they are

In addition to expanding your current network you also need to determine your target market. When I say define your market, I mean describe your ideal customer. Is it someone looking for jumbo loans that lives within a specific zip code? If so, find out where they are and where they congregate. Make it a habit to visit the same bars, restaurants and movie theatres where your market resides. Form relationships and watch your leads increase.

Remember, in order to generate leads, you need to expand your current network and make more friends. Once you’ve made new friends, you must give first. Finally, you must socialize with your target market.