Joomla Video Player

In the previous posts, you learned about one of the most popular content-management systems Joomla. I am pretty much sure that you already have an idea on what Joomla is all about, its benefits, its services, and the different Internet portals where Joomla can be operated. But, there’s more that what you think Joomla is.

Joomla has extension applications or software. Through these extensions maximize the features and user reach of Joomla. Do you want your website to be more personalized, entertaining, and interesting? Then you just might want to try an array of Joomla extensions to satisfy your desires. Examples of fun Joomla extensions are DiscussIt—an application that allows you and your readers to add comments to your articles; 1901 LikeBox—if you want to add your fanpage site in your website; SharingStation—for social bookmarking display; AutoTube—for video channels; Buaxua Calendar—for calendar display on your website; IP anzeigen—that displays your visitors’ IP address; JV Gallergy—for more enhanced photo gallery storage, and many many more.

You might wonder or doubt that if you have installed many extensions and have stored plenty of data, like a video let’s say, that your Joomla-based website will have a slow processor thus demeaning your Joomla experience. Well, do not worry. Each content in Joomla—media, language, contact, etc.—has its own management system. This system makes sure that all contents are given enough space and integration to make it fully functional. Most users concern about plugging in videos because videos have heavy sizes that photos or word documents. Well, Joomla offers an extension for that. However, it’s not just a simple Joomla video player, but a simple video flash player. This player is best recommended with the Joomla 1.5.x version. Whether FLV, MP4, MP3, AAC, JPG, PNG or GIF, any format suitable for Adobe Flash Player, this video player extension surely supports playback. It can also play videos from YouTube and a video file from a playlist or other URLs.You can manage the autostart, shuffle, controlbar, repeat, skin, plugin, playlist, and cnage player settings. The other appealing features of this video player supported by Joomla are, you can display a preview image and a fallback image, and insert your own personal or business logo on the movie load.

Customization—this is what Joomla is all about. Through its user-friend features and interesting several extensions, you’ll definitely not be bored.