How to design newsletters simply and easily

Newsletter design is one of the most important tasks that the newsletter publisher should attend. Many newsletter publishers feel helpless when it comes to the stage where they have to design newsletters. Some of them spend a lot of money hiring professional designers whereas others refer to free readymade newsletter templates. Newsletter design is, however, not as difficult as many publishers think. Any publisher can design their own newsletter easily and professionally.

In order to create your newsletter template, you will need an HTML editor. The sort of newsletter that we are talking about here is that which is published in an HTML format. There are free professional editors that you can download, Nvu and KompoZer. Anyone of these two will suffice. You may also use Dreamweaver which is not free by the way. It is possible to create your template from scratch or simply customize a readymade template.

You can get free readymade templates online. Anyway, we will suppose that you are going to start your design from scratch. After starting your editor, choose the ‘create new project’ so that you will have a blank page in front of you. We are going to divide our blank template into two columns. This layout is the one I recommend for newsletters. One column functions as a sidebar whereas the other constitutes the main content column.

To create these two columns, we simply insert two tables. We position the two tables side by side. Next, we will need to resize the tables so that the left-hand table, which stands for our sidebar, will be occupy only one third of the width of the template. Once done, we insert another table at the top of our template. This table is our header section. You can type the title of your newsletter there or insert a custom header as an image. Another table may be inserted at the bottom of the template as a footer. There, we can place our business contact details and so on. This is the simplest way for working out a good newsletter design.